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The History of Vero

Chris Hexton on Vero: When a Startup Should Pivot

Who doesn’t love a good startup story?

Recently, our CEO Chris Hexton spoke at Startmate’s startup conference G'Day Stripe about Vero’s history.

Interestingly enough, Vero wasn’t the product Chris and CTO James Lamont set out to build. It’s a story any entrepreneur will appreciate. Hope you enjoy and, if you’d like, download the slides from the presentation here.

  • Jimmy

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Welcome to the brand-new Vero UI

A couple of months ago, we had a user experience (UX) review done by the folks at []( The results was more or less what we expected. Our app new nickname was “Frankenstein”.


Our problem — which isn’t unique in the SaaS community — is that we have a few different engineers who working on the app, all adding new styles and user flows.

After going through this report, we knew that we had to fix it to take Vero to the next level. It wasn’t only confusing for customers, the app was getting confusing for us as well. We decided that we needed to reorganise our application and focus on our key functionalities: Segments, Emails and Reports.

We split the work into two different tasks:

  1. Building a consistent style we would carry across our applications and …
  2. Creating a friction-free web app that makes it easy for our customers to achieve their marketing goals.


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Inside the Vero Blog: Our Journey from 0 to 43,000 Monthly Pageviews

As you likely already saw, we redesigned the Vero blog!

This seemed like the perfect time to share some data about our blog and how it’s grown over the last two or so years. I’ve also had several people have ask me about our content strategy recently so I’m excited to share this information and get feedback from you, our awesome readers.

But first, here are two dirty secrets about our success:

  1. I love chatting about content strategy and will do so anytime, so feel free to hit me up on Twitter
  2. There is no secret

Ah, the painful truth!

Like most things in life, there are no shortcuts when it comes to growing a successful blog. Sure, there are hacks, tips and tricks we use to get our content in front of new people but nothing compares to consistency.

We have some interesting data to share but first, here’s some context for our redesign.

 Community First

In the old days of the

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I work for a company 7,814 miles away

There is something profound about controlling your schedule. When your day-to-day life isn’t shaped traditional office hours or mindless bureaucracy, work doesn’t really feel like work anymore.

We operate in a creative economy, not a labor economy.

At Vero, we code, create, write, design, market, think, analyze and communicate. We create value, not physical products. This is happening all over the world right now and it’s the exact reason we are evolving into a remote company.

The purpose of this blog is to give you an inside look at our company, here are few reasons why we work this way, as well as an opportunity to join us.

 Focus on productivity, not work.

Sydney, Australia is 18 hours ahead of Tucson, Ariz. When I start working in the morning, my co-workers are (hopefully) fast asleep. When their day gets going, mine is winding down. We overlap for a few hours each day, so we

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