Welcome to the brand-new Vero UI

A couple of months ago, we had a user experience (UX) review done by the folks at [28clouds.com](28clouds.com). The results was more or less what we expected. Our app new nickname was “Frankenstein”.


Our problem — which isn’t unique in the SaaS community — is that we have a few different engineers who working on the app, all adding new styles and user flows.

After going through this report, we knew that we had to fix it to take Vero to the next level. It wasn’t only confusing for customers, the app was getting confusing for us as well. We decided that we needed to reorganise our application and focus on our key functionalities: Segments, Emails and Reports.

We split the work into two different tasks:

  1. Building a consistent style we would carry across our applications and …
  2. Creating a friction-free web app that makes it easy for our customers to achieve their marketing goals.

We decided to redefine the basics of Vero. The biggest part of that job was to define fonts, spacings and colours for each HTML element across the application and public sites (main site and blog).

When this was done, it was then time to update our applications in order to make them all look consistent. While updating classes and HTML structure for each pages, we also worked on the application workflow based on customer feedback we’d been gathering for the last few months.

If you have any suggestions or questions, please send us an email via support@getvero.com. If you want to see this new UI, sign up for a free trial or login to your account.

Here are a few screenshots of the new design.

 Old Vero Segment Dashboard


 New Vero Segment Dashboard

new vero.png

 Old Menu

old menu.png

 New Consolidated Menu

new menu.png

 Old Project Management

old projects.png

 New Project Management

new projects.png

Hope you enjoy the new interface!


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